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36th Biennial Clergy Laity Congress Workshops,
On-line Reports





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  • This information applies to the on-line reports from the 36th Biennial Clergy Laity Congress Workshops.
  • The Workshops Table of Contents has its own link for accessibility (tab-index 1 in the Table of Contents).

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Top of the Page:
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List of the report's sections (with a skip link).
The report itself.
Then, some information about the author
Finally, some citation guidelines (with a skip link).
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Auxiliary data about the publication (with a skip link).
Very Bottom of the Page:
Navigation links, another indication of your location in this web-site.

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  • The PAHH graphic is a visual header towards the top of each of the page.
  • A long description of the graphic is available for you to read among the PAHH outer pages.

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Then, the tabbing order should follow your own browser's default sequence through the page.

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