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Examples of the Greek/USOG Missions Behind the Lines

Group 1 Operation and Personnel
June 23 - July 6, 1944

The following quotation from the National Archives provides a few examples of the missions/raids by Group 1, these over just a few days. Group 1 was the only Operational Group to operate with General Zervas' Antartes; the other five groups operated with EAM/ELAS.

A photo of Group 1 is included towards the end of this page.

Group 1

June 23. Ordered off the block at 0600. Had dinner at Souli and made Radovizi that afternoon. Missed the 2nd Group.

June 24. received orders to proceed North to Radovizi to take up operations on the Igumanitsa-Ioannina road. 12 mules and 14 days rations.

June 25. Left Romanon at 1400 for Elesna, arrived 1830 and bivouacked. Lt. Mackey preceded as quartering party.

June 26. Left Elesna 0700 and arrived at bivouac area 1145, Agios Dimitrios. Arranged for food in local towns.

June 27. Worked on the bivouac area. Met Major Zotos, Antartes Regimental CO whose men the Group would work with.

June 28. A reconnaissance was made by officers and section sergeants of Road and Tiria bridge. Major Le Brog, British army, was the officer in charge of the operations.

June 29. Food situation bad-trouble with Mission HQ.

June 30. No Change.

July 1. Group alerted.

July 2. Dry Run on a road ambush. 1st Section went to the road. 2nd Section went to Butsara. A German Infantry Battalion was on the Road.

July 3. The 1st Section returned to the bivouac area 0700. Prepared for road ambush again. Met 2nd Section at Radovizi and proceeded to the Horeshoe to ambush the German Battalion on the road. The Horeshoe is a sharp curve that affords excellent field of fire.

July 4. No action. Meals were few and poor. Returned to the bivouac Area at 0800. Rested and celebrated Independence Day.

July 5. Prepared to ambush anything on the road. Hit 8 trucks with the Antartes. 20 Germans killed, 7 captured, all material destroyed. No OG casualties.

July 6. Returned to the bivouac area at 0300 and rested.

Officers and Men of Group I
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  • 1st Lt.George W. Verghis, Group Leader
  • T/Sgt. Victor L. Miller, Group Sec. Sgt.
  • Sgt. Jerry Apostolatos, Sq. Leader
  • Sgt. George Papastrat, Sq. Leader
  • Cpl. Gus Kraras
  • PFC James Drake
  • PFC William Leonardos
  • PFC Gregory Pahules
  • Pvt. Armando Sanches, Medic
  • Pvt. Demetrius Frangis
  • Pvt. John Pirpos
  • 2nd Lt. Paul J. Mackey, Sect. Leader
  • Sgt. Sam Poulos Sec. Sgt.
  • Sgt. George Boosalis, Sq. Leader
  • Sgt. George Efstathiou, Sq. Leader
  • Cpl. William Johnson
  • PFC George Kutulas
  • PFC Constantine Bertakis, Medic
  • PFC Trifon Lefakis
  • Pvt. Constantine Stiakakis
  • Pvt. Minas Kavallieros
  • Pvt. Gewlas Andrews

Submitted by 1st Lt. George W. Verghis

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  • National Archives, Greek U.S. Operational Groups, Operations in Greece 1944, p. 51 (report filed at OSS Headquarters, 24 December 1944), reported by First Lieutenant George W. Verghis, the Group Leader of Group 1.

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