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Greek / American Operational Group Office of Strategic Services (OSS)
Memoirs of World War 2

One of America's Best Kept Secrets


Because the Greek/USOG was disbanded so quickly, the men had barely time to embrace each other and did not have an opportunity to compare the exploits of their respective units. (As previously mentioned, our groups operated autonomously in Greece and also in Yugoslavia.)

The CIA, the successor to the OSS, did not open the records of the OSS to the public until circa 1987. Only afterwards did we discover our awards and receive our medals. Company C 2671 Special Reconnaissance Battalion aka Greek American Operational Group had been awarded the coveted Presidential Unit Citation in August 1944, signed by General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Today, the excellent record of the Greek/USOG is available to the public in the National Archives in Washington, DC The National Archives documents attest by stating for example:[note]

During a period of 219 days from 23 April until 20 November 1944, troops of Co. C., 2671 Special Reconnaissance Battalion were continuously in occupied Greece. The type of warfare they engaged in was unique in the history of the American Army. The record they made is of some interest and bears close examination.

Yet, the story still remains one of America's best kept secrets.


The saga of the of Co. C 2671 Special Reconnaissance Battalion aka Greek American Operational Group is an important chapter in the rich history of Greek America, an important chapter in the history of America. 160 Greek-Americans and Greek nationals volunteered in the OSS for hazardous duty in the US armed forces to help liberate Greece.

The Greek nationals who joined the Greek Battalion left their beloved homeland when the Nazis occupied Greece. They were from Athens, Piraeus, the Greek islands, and rural parts of mainland Greece. The Greek-Americans were from every region of America: the large cities, and small towns like Copperhill, Tennessee; Salinas, California; and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The Greek nationals and Greek-Americans, both of Greek descent but different cultures, bonded like brothers, fought valiantly, and distinguished themselves in service . The volunteers of the Greek/USOG participated in battles in Greece, Yugoslavia, Italy, France, Germany, and China. They were an elite and proud group that America and Greece should recognize and honor.


  • National Archives, Greek U.S. Operational Groups, Operations in Greece 1944, p. 11 (report filed at OSS Headquarters, 24 December 1944).
    My own group had a total of 253 days in warfare: Group 4 of the Greek/USOG (Co. C., 2671 Special Reconnaissance Battalion) on the front lines in Yugoslavia from 16 February to 19 June and then behind the lines in occupied Greece from 16 July to 20 November 1944. See ibid., p. 2.

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