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Preservation of American Hellenic History

Hellenic Heritage Institute
Schedule Winter - Spring 2003
Greek Language Classes
Contemporary Spoken Greek

The Hellenic Heritage Institute, San Jose, California, in their effort to promote the many aspects of Hellenic Culture, is offering the study of Contemporary Greek Language in relation to its historical origin and its usage in contemporary Greece. The courses will also touch upon the influence of the Greek Language on the English Language.

The Courses

Contemporary Greek 1

This course is designed for beginners. Reading and writing will be emphasized along with basic oral expression. A survival package for those who want to visit Greece or impress their in-laws, and exposure to cultural expressions and gestures will save you the embarrassment of using the wrong word at the wrong time.

Contemporary Greek 2

This course is of intermediate level. It is designed as a continuation of CG 1I and for those people who have some knowledge of the Greek language. Reading, writing and oral expression and comprehension will be emphasized. Greek newspapers, magazines and videos will provide you with additional study material.

Contemporary Greek 3

This course is designed for people who speak enough Greek to get by but their grammar, spelling and vocabulary need improvement. This course will be individualized, to serve the needs of each student.

Teaching Personnel

A team of experienced, native Greek instructors, specialized in teaching Greek as a foreign language, will be teaching these courses. Their dedication and their effective teaching track record, is indisputable.

Text Book

Modern spoken Greek by Ann Arpajolu, available at the Hellenic Heritage Institute Museum.

Quarterly Classes

Quarterly Cost

$150 / quarter

Registration Fee

$100 (For new students only).


The Hellenic Heritage Institute
1650 Senter Road San Jose, CA 95112
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