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Out of the Balkans

Transliteration and Pronunciation

Ancient place names and transliterations from Greek, except for given and surnames, are italicized throughout this text.

Transliterations from Greek are challenging. For example, anglicized, the Greek "K" most often becomes a "C"; thus Kapidaglis becomes Capidaglis. The Greek "X" (chi) is pronounced as the "h" in "hoary" or "Harry" Hariclea, Chariclea, and Hariklea. The Greek "I" (iota) is pronounced as the French "i"; the "i" in Dimitraki is pronounced as in oui.

In modern scholarly works and novels spelling of Greek words in translation and transliteration is inconsistent and idiosyncratic. Variations in spelling of names and places in this text appear both in quotations from books and in my writing.

I accept responsibility for both intentional and unintentional biases that the reader may find. I apologize now to those living and past for misinterpretations of intent or action, or misstatements of fact.

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