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Preservation of American Hellenic History

Regional Groups

Archived Page

This page is archived now. It was active from 2002 to 2007.

For an explanation, read about PAHH.

Put Your Group in the List

This is an offer to assist you gratis.

Reminder, about PAHH:

  • We are not a commercial enterprise.
  • Our volunteers are ready to help you.

How may we assist you?

Just let us mention your group in the PAHH web-site.

Do you just want people to learn about your group when they come to visit PAHH?

  • Process:

    Send us a brief description about your group. We may include it as a short web-page.

  • Example, short web-page:
    • Berrien County Historical Association Project, Berrien County, Michigan. They sent us a few, significant paragraphs , just enough for a web-page, in order to invite communication. They did this straightaway, early on, at launch of this web-site.
    • Let us do the same for you now.
  • Contact PAHH.

Let us add a link to your own web-site.

Does your group already have an active web-site?

  • Process:

    Send us your web-site address. We may include a link to it from this web-site.

  • Examples, linkage:
    • Hellenic Heritage Institute, San Jose, California. This institute has a web-site of its own. We've linked to it. We've also provided a page of summary information about the institute, as well.
    • History and Archives Committee of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation, Atlanta, Georgia. They asked us to create a short web-page for them when they began to organize their committee. Since then, they have developed a full-fledged web-site of their own. They still keep the original web-page with PAHH, and we have included a link from it here to their own web-site now ~ which further enhances (augments, increases) their internet presence.
    • Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral, San Francisco, California. The cathedral is developing a substantial, impressive section about their community history in the cathedral's own web-site. We've linked to it, and we've provided a summary description about it.
    • Let us do the same for you.
  • Contact PAHH.

Let us develop a web-site and provide some web-space for you, gratis.

Not yet developed a web-site? ~ Why not develop one now?

  • Process:

    Send us your material. Our volunteers may do the work for you ~ creating a series of web-pages for you from your own material and publishing them for you in some web-space here ~ for a virtual web-site of your own.

    Your web-site addresses would then be (yes, both of the following addresses, and you could use both or whichever one you may prefer):

  • Examples, multiple web-pages, virtual web-site:
    • Greek Heritage Society, Los Angeles, California. The society principals sent us the material, and the PAHH volunteers created a series of web-pages for them. This is the society's own web-site now. They are using it to publicize their award winning documentary film over the internet.
    • Hellenic Cultural Association, Salt Lake City, Utah. A co-founder of the PAHH web-site, this association created a web-site for themselves here early on. They are using it to provide some information about their museum as well as giving some additional publicity for their other work, such as their documentary film and their centennial book.
    • Ascension Historical Society , Oakland, California. The AHS is the sponsor as well as a co-founder of the PAHH web-site. Their own virtual web-site here may serve as an example of the sort activities that can be accomplished by a regional group.
    • Let the PAHH volunteers help you likewise.
  • Contact PAHH.

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