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Chicago, Illinois

Hellenic Museum & Cultural Center


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The museum's purpose is threefold:

  1. to document and preserve the history of the Greek immigrant experience in America
  2. to provide a venue for the cultural aspirations of the contemporary Greek-American
  3. to showcase and perpetuate the celebrated Hellenic culture through the visual, literary and performing arts.


These activities are explained in the museum web-site:

  • Exhibitions: overview, current, permanent, past, future.
  • Programs and Events: overview, calendar, ticket purchase, facility rentals.
  • Oral History Center, established at the museum in 2002 .
  • Collections: Overview, Library.
  • Visit: Tours, Gift Store.


The museum's work can be supported through a membership program, exhibit sponsorships, and a capital campaign as well a volunteer program and an intern program.


Staff and the Board of Directors are listed by name in the museum web-site.

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