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Atlanta, Georgia

History and Archives Committee of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation


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The Parish Council created the History and Archives Committee in 2002. We have been working on several fronts since that time and have accomplished much that we want to share with the community.

The primary space that we are using in our new facilities includes the temperature and humidity controlled archive room where we store our documents, photographs, etc. and the history and cultural room. Jim Zambounis and Mary Spencer are working with us to develop plans for this beautiful room.

Under George Macrenaris' direction, we have videotaped 34 oral interviews with parishioners who have shared their stories of growing up in Atlanta. The oral history project is an ongoing initiative. George has also transferred to DVD format 29 VHS tapes and old film that the Church has preserved through the years.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Nick Economy in collecting community photographs for the Old Neighborhood weekend, Les George and Angelo Kliossis have scanned into the committee's computer about 750 photographs. This serves as a strong base for our collecting efforts.

Also, Tassie Portulas and Phia Kanellos have led their sub-committee's efforts to collect additional documents and photographs. With the help of Angela Economy, Gloria Zatzos and Eva Chaknis, they have collected an additional 125 wedding photographs.

Our full committee meets monthly and is planning several activities. In the near future, parishioners will be able to purchase copies of the old tapes and films that we have transferred to the digital format. These will be available as both DVDs and VHS tapes. We will also be scheduling additional exhibitions of both the Old Neighborhood photographs and the wedding photographs collected to date.

Lastly, it is important to restate our goals and objectives. Our guiding mission is to collect, preserve and record the history of our Parish, our parishioners and our Church and community organizations from the founding of the Church in 1905 to the present. While our initial efforts are focused on the community's earliest years, the preservation of our more current and our ongoing history is equally important. So whether you have been in the community for 80 years or for 1 month, you are part of the history of this Parish, and preserving a record of your activities is our main concern.

If anyone is interested in the work of the History and Archives Committee or has any questions, please call Stephen Georgeson at (404) 872-0451.

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