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Preservation of American Hellenic History

Resources for McCall Welke

Dear McCall Welke,

Might some of these resources be helpful for your research project?

Documentary Films

These are listed in the Publications section of the PAHH web-site.

Some Bibliographies, Academic Studies

Charles Moskos

Helen Zeese Papanikolas

Forthcoming Lecture

Contact the lecturer, Dr. Zervanos, through data that you will find in the web-page as linked for you here.

Memoirs published online

This resource is in the Memoirs section of the PAHH web-site.

Mavrovitis, Jason C., Out of the Balkans, as follows:

You will also find some vivid descriptions of personalities, "Lily" and then "Nitsa', in the following sections of the same resource:

Regional Groups

Furthermore, you could contact the regional groups that are listed in the PAHH web-site.

Best wishes for your research project.


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