The Greek Heritage Society of Southern California

Documentary Series, Part 1

Description of the Documentary Cover

Video Cover
  • The cover is rectangular with a Greek key along its four sides as a border.
  • The upper part of the cover says:

    The Greek Heritage Society of Southern California presents the documentary film The Greeks of Southern California through the Century: the Pioneers, 1900 - 1942.

  • The middle part of the cover contains a large oval graphic showing a gentleman and a little boy.

    The gentleman is standing tall. He is dressed in a suit and a hat. His starched collar and his tie are of the business style of the early twentieth century. On his left arm, he carries a neatly folded overcoat; and in his left hand, he holds an issue of the Ethnikos Kyrix, a Greek-American newspaper. His right arm extends downwards, so that his right hand meets and holds the upturned hand of the little boy at this side.

    The little boy is wearing a Greek sailor suit and cap.

    The gentleman and boy are looking out from the oval. Their expressions are serious and self-confident.

  • The cover ends by saying: Hosted by Olympia Dukakis.


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