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    1. ISBN ISBNdb.com for publication data or if unavailable, then:
      ASIN Amazon.com for publication data if available.
    2. LCCN Library of Congress On-line Catalog for publication data if available.
  • Georgakas, Dan, and Moskos, Charles, New Directions in Greek-American Studies (New York City, NY: Pella Publishing Company, 1991), ISBN: 0918618479; LCCN: 91061005.
  • Georges, Robert A., Greek-American Folk Beliefs and Narratives (New York City, NY: Arno Press, 1980), ISBN: 0405133146; LCCN: 80000727.
  • Lascarides, Effie, Apollo's Legacy: The Hellenic Torch in America at the Dawn of the New Millenium (Brookline, MA: Hellenic College Press, 2000), ISBN: 0917653513; LCCN: 00054242. Available from Holy Cross Bookstore.
  • Malouchos, Georgios P., Εγώ, ο Ιάκωβος [I, Iakovos] [Interviews with Iakovos, Archbishop of North and South America] (Athens, Greece: Εκδοτικός Οργανισός Λιβάνη, 2002) ISBN: 9601406514; LCCN: 2003439574.
  • Nicholas C. Petris: Dean of the California Legislature, 1958-1996, Regional Oral History Office, The Bancroft Library, University of California Berkeley, CA: 1996), ASIN: B0006QUOU4.
  • Thomopoulos, Elaine Cotsirilos, ed., Greek-American Pioneer Women of Illinois: the Stories of Georgia Bitzis Pooley, Presbythera Stella Christoulakis Petrakis, Theano Papazoglou Margaris … (Chicago, IL: Arcadia Publishing, 2000), ISBN: 073850825X; LCCN: 00107880.
  • Also see: Mettis, Charis, Ιστορίες αληθινές με ψευδώνυμα [True Stories in Disguise] (London, 2004) [PAHH summary].

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