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Oakland, California
Ascension Historical Society


  • Taped Interviews and Oral Histories

    More than one-hundred hours of oral and video taped interviews have been compiled by the Ascension Historical Society (AHS), including those of immigrants who arrived in this area during the early part of the twentieth century and who relate their experiences and living conditions.

    A retrospective primary account, for instance, reveals how a newly-arrived immigrant boy found his elder brothers once he had disembarked alone from a train in Oakland. Another relates the saga of a girl who had gone without food during the long journey across America. Following the example of other travelers on the train, she bought food from a vendor, only to find a piece of "raw meat" between two pieces of white bread, which she immediately threw out from the window. Stoically, she then suffered pangs of hunger until she arrived at her destination. A particularly vivid account in our collection is one that describes the trek across Turkey during the genocides as recalled by a woman who re-lives her own experience through the eyes of a six year old girl.

    The transcription and publication of these primary sources is another of our tasks, an anticipated goal.

    We will continue to document the traditions and customs perpetuated by the early pioneers, traditions which are no longer observed in our daily lives today and which will disappear from our consciousness unless we describe them.


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