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P.A.H.H. [d]

Oakland, California
Ascension Historical Society


  • Archives, Summary List

    • Historical and Contemporary Photographs.
    • Taped Interviews and Oral Histories.
    • Written Family and Individual Histories.
    • Obituaries.
    • Immigration Records, including the five volume Immigration Records and Index, 1890 - 1906, by Mary Voultsos.
    • Military Records from the Spanish American War, the Balkan Wars, WW I and II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, as well as biographies from the U.S. Civil War.
    • WW II Greek War Relief Memorabilia, including includes rosters, minutes of meetings, donations, correspondence, photographs, and political cartoons.
    • Greek Newspaper Clippings relating conditions in Greece during WW II.
    • Legal and Religious Documents, including an elaborate 1925 baptismal certificate.
    • Commemorative Albums of Clergy Laity Congresses, AHEPA. GAPA, Pan-Arcadians, Pan-Cretans, and parishes including: Columbus, Ohio; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Baltimore, Maryland; Salt Lake City, Utah; Seattle, Washington; and San Francisco, California.
    • Out of Print Publications dating from 1837, and including magazines, books, as well as early Greek School textbooks.
    • Play Bills, Scripts, and Programs.
    • Publications by Greek-American Authors.
    • Greek Folk Costumes.
    • Artifacts, including objects of interest from Oakland's Assumption Church, the first Greek Orthodox Church in the East Bay, such as icons, part of the iconostasis, the "All Seeing Eye", the original baptismal font, and the original marble corner-stone.
  • Archives, Description

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