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Oakland, California
Ascension Historical Society

About AHS

The Ascension Historical Committee (AHC) was established with the endorsement of the Proistamenos and the Parish Council of the Ascension Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Oakland, California, in August 1989.

To reflect our growth, we changed our name from "committee" to "society", becoming the Ascension Historical Society (AHS), in January 2007. It was our 18th year. It was also the 90th Anniversary of the Hellenic Community of Oakland and Vicinity.

While we are an integrated auxiliary of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Oakland and Vicinity and are partially funded by the Parish Council, our monetary obligations are also met by individual donations, by our annual membership dues, and by our Annual Hellenic Run fund raiser.

Our membership is composed mainly of second and third generation descendants of early immigrants.

We are dedicated to the documentation and preservation of the rich culture and heritage of Greek American history.

We remain ever mindful of the fact that we rob future generations of their heritage if we neglect our history.

The heritage of the past is the seed that brings forth the future.

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